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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Mega Objects

When you give geeks a giant building space and unlimited resources it really is only a matter of time before certain objects are built. For example a triforce that is as tall as the server will allow (built by me). Also we have so far a pair of dice, a water slide, and the beginning of an ark.

Post your tips and suggestions in the comments. And, as per usual more shots after the jump.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010


The prize for the design our skins (ewww) contest shall be your name immortalized on our SMP map in solid gold blocks. Since there is a larger abundance of minerals on multiplayer and gold is rather useless except for design, we will mine out all of the gold, smelt it, and craft it and definitely not spawn it.

So get to thinking and let's get down to skinning us some Super Minecraft Brothers!!!



So one my drive home from work last night, my roommate and I decided that everything we've built so far has been small, under planned, and just sad in general. When we originally started our server we decided that although the ability to spawn blocks was readily available to us we were going to remain legit and not take advantage of that fact. However, we want to build some awesomely huge and downright epic $h*t. thus was born MEGAPIT.

Far enough away from our normal play area the megapit is a monolithic area dug out using the mcedit program. It is as deep as the level would allow, and as long and wide as I made it. Basically it is large enough for us to build whatever we would like to build.

Now I'd like to ask you if you had the help and the design plans all ready to go with infinite building room, what megastructure from the real world you build inside of minecraft on a 1:1 ratio?

Also more shots after the jump

Monday, October 4, 2010

Halloween Update Anyone?

For anyone who didn't hear notch is planning a Halloween update that will add new features, as well as fix some previous features. It would seem that this is the largest update ever to come to minecraft, and should prove to be extremely fun. A new hell theme, working biomes, fixed multiplayer, and even a feature for the useless fishing pole?!? unheard of to come all at once.

As for the jack-o-lanterns, what do you think the required recipes will be? or perhaps a brand new interface will be used all together?

How would you propose growing pumpkins will work?

and lastly will I be able to put a pumpkin on a pigs head?
(The answer of course is I damn well better be able to)

Let's hear your thoughts in the comments,

Friday, October 1, 2010

Thoughts on what you want in Minecraft

Simple and straight forward. If you could add one thing to Minecraft and it would automatically work in both single and multi-player what would it be?

I think that I would have to add an Idea that Notch already has in the queue to add and that is air transportation. That right folks airplanes. It would be awesome to fly over my world and look at all the pigs down below. Also the ability to quickly cover large amounts of less than forgiving terrain at night would be of the utmost awesome.

So now it's your turn. What would you add and why?


Time to get to work my minions

Alrighty then. My bro and I need some sweet semi-matching skins to use in minecraft if we're gonna be legit super minecraft bros. So what does this mean for you? CONTEST!!! That's right Ladie and dudes. We're holding a contest to see who comes up with the best custom skins for me and my brother. Some hints for our needs. they should be nearly identical in design, different shirt/suit/tight color, an "S" for Slaedden and a "Z" for Zenvan. Other than that have at it. Contest will run through October so get those brains a turning. You can submit as many designs as you want to

General contest rules apply prize valued at... oh ya a prize... I'll think of one soon(ish)


Thursday, September 23, 2010

A PSA from the Minecraft Bros.

Bizzaro-world is something very real that could strike your game at any time and is something that we would like to warn you about. Minecraft decides to save in 16x16 chunks in regards to mapping. However, this is not always automatic, nor consistent. I (Slaedden) run a private SMP server for my close friends and have noticed Bizarro-world beginning to poke it's ugly head up.

 Now you might be asking yourself, "Self... how the hell does this happen?" well dummy it's very simple (also stop talking to yourself like that). When your server client abruptly closes, ie you don't /stop or click the X on the window, and someone is still logged on, the server doesn't have all of the chunks saved. What that leaves you with is holes in the map data. When you come back to the map those holes will be filled in procedurally and will ignore existing terrain.

Since I can't say for certain how to avoid this since at the time the server.exe can crash when attempting to minimize the window all I can recommend doing is performing /save-all to log all of that hard work.

Don't lose your castle the way I did and save often.

Until Next time,

 P.S. More shots after the Jump

Monday, September 20, 2010

The best thing you've built/seen in Minecraft?

This or Fort Zero would probably be mine. I'm not much of an artistic builder myself, I always find myself considering the practicality of a structure over it's looks, but then later I think of all of the ways I could have made it look better...

Post your best looking constructions in the comments, and feel free to add any building tips too.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

You know you're addicted to minecraft when...

1) You enter a dark room and unconsciously try to place a torch
2) You here any hissing noise of any kind and instantly start screaming obscenities as if you were very frightened
3) You dream about Minecraft
4) Anytime you visit a farm you try to kill the farmer's animals for goods
5) When you see anything floating in mid-air you are not surprised, although every one around you is freaking out

I read these and found them humorous so I thought I'd share them
Feel free to add your own in the comments :D

Fort Zero

I was just browsing the minecraft forums when I came across the unbelievable Fort Zero save. This map is a ridiculous fort complete with a lava moat, mob factory, greenhouse, tree towers, cobblestone center, and a beautiful castle, check out the actual thread here:
Or throw caution to the wind and download this amazing save from right here:


So in yesterdays update it would seem fishing rods were added, no use yet but it's pretty obvious notch intends for fishing to become part of minecraft. What do you guys think of the practicality of fishing or how it should be implemented?

On that thought how do you think ice fishing will work? I'm curious what you all think.

Monday, August 30, 2010

Bob's Minecraft Tutorials

I found these on the forums and thought they were really cool and helpful, he only has 3 so far but they teach you a lot.

Part 1: 

Part 2:

Part 3:

Check 'em out, you might just learn something.

Day 1

Starting a new minecraft map can always be bothersome. What kind of house to use, why does my spawn point drown me how can I not herp? All common questions. I usually just explore around for a day or two on peaceful mode until I find a nice little plain. Then I'll use MCedit to move my spawnpoint and begin building a house. this method (albeit a bit cheap) will prove hugely benificial in the long run.