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Thursday, September 23, 2010

A PSA from the Minecraft Bros.

Bizzaro-world is something very real that could strike your game at any time and is something that we would like to warn you about. Minecraft decides to save in 16x16 chunks in regards to mapping. However, this is not always automatic, nor consistent. I (Slaedden) run a private SMP server for my close friends and have noticed Bizarro-world beginning to poke it's ugly head up.

 Now you might be asking yourself, "Self... how the hell does this happen?" well dummy it's very simple (also stop talking to yourself like that). When your server client abruptly closes, ie you don't /stop or click the X on the window, and someone is still logged on, the server doesn't have all of the chunks saved. What that leaves you with is holes in the map data. When you come back to the map those holes will be filled in procedurally and will ignore existing terrain.

Since I can't say for certain how to avoid this since at the time the server.exe can crash when attempting to minimize the window all I can recommend doing is performing /save-all to log all of that hard work.

Don't lose your castle the way I did and save often.

Until Next time,

 P.S. More shots after the Jump