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Tuesday, October 5, 2010


So one my drive home from work last night, my roommate and I decided that everything we've built so far has been small, under planned, and just sad in general. When we originally started our server we decided that although the ability to spawn blocks was readily available to us we were going to remain legit and not take advantage of that fact. However, we want to build some awesomely huge and downright epic $h*t. thus was born MEGAPIT.

Far enough away from our normal play area the megapit is a monolithic area dug out using the mcedit program. It is as deep as the level would allow, and as long and wide as I made it. Basically it is large enough for us to build whatever we would like to build.

Now I'd like to ask you if you had the help and the design plans all ready to go with infinite building room, what megastructure from the real world you build inside of minecraft on a 1:1 ratio?

Also more shots after the jump

Also if there is something that you'd like us to build we're more than open to suggestions



  1. so did you pay for the full version of the game?

  2. Of course we did, both of us bought the game about a year ago